• What Are The Types of Commercial Cleaning Services?

    To properly and thoroughly clean your business or facility, you need to be able to decipher the different types of commercial cleaning services. Finding the right service will ensure a cleaning company brings the right equipment and offers specialty training to provide an experience tailored toward your business. Allow us to explain some of the different cleaning services we provide to help you find the one you want.

    Janitorial Services

    Janitorial services are the go to service for business or facilities large and small. Sparkling Facilities Janitorial Services provide regular cleaning to your entire facility. Mopping floors, removing trash, vacuuming carpets, dusting, disinfecting contact points, cleaning glass surfaces, replacing toilet paper and everyone’s favorite…cleaning restrooms.

    White Glove Cleaning

    A white glove cleaning service is perfect f you have an upcoming event planned. Put simply, white glove cleaning means your building will undergo a deep cleaning to achieve the best possible presentation and remove difficult blemishes. This will ensure your workspace is thoroughly sanitized of any lurking contaminants or issues. With this service, your building will get as close to looking and feeling brand new as possible.

    Post Construction Cleaning

    Construction sites are rife with dust, dirt, and debris by the end of the building process. Foreman Pro Cleaning provides a trusted cleaning service to clean up after the mess of construction and fine-tune a building so that it’s ready to open for business with its best foot forward and a fresh shine.

    Medical Office Cleaning

    While medical offices are always strict about sterilizing their offices, such practices have become more urgent with the COVID-19 pandemic. A professional medical office cleaning service is currently of the most important types of commercial cleaning services to create the peace of mind that your medical offices are being properly sanitized and disinfected. Foreman Pro Cleaning has extensive experience with medical office cleaning and knows how to factor in the presentation so that your patients are confident they are in a safe and clean environment.

    Accommodating, we can effortlessly change the pace of our cleanings to match your requirements and budget perfectly. Our cleaning teams are specialists, professional, and reliable. Contact us today and get acquainted with the best commercial cleaning services in town.

    Service Areas

    Sparkling Facilities commercial cleaning services throughout South East Pennsylvania. For large commercial projects, we are capable of traveling statewide.  

    • Boyertown, PA
    • Gilbertsville, PA
    • Pottstown, PA
    • Limerick, PA
    • Collegeville, PA
    • Phoenixville, PA
    • Royersford, PA
    • Spring City, PA
    • Oley, PA
    • Fleetwood, PA
    • Exter, PA
    • Reading, PA
    • Wyomissing, PA
    • Douglassville, PA
    • Langhorne, PA
    • Levittown, PA
    • Newtown, PA
    • Bensalem, PA
    • Bristol, PA
    • Skippack, PA

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  • COVID-19 Disinfecting vs. Sanitizing

    When COVID-19 hit the scene stores could barely keep cleaning products on the shelf. Everyone flocked to the cleaning products that advertised “sanitize” or “disinfect” thinking they are synonymous. Unfortunately, many people were using sanitizing products when they probably wanted disinfecting products.

    Let’s start with cleaning. Cleaning is a physical process of removing germs, viruses, bacteria, and dirt usually with soap and water. Cleaning doesn’t necessarily kill germs but it removes them from the surface, thus lowering chance of spreading infection.

    Next up is sanitizing vs. disinfecting. Sanitizing is REDUCES the number of germs to a “safe” level according to public health standards. Disinfecting however, uses chemicals to KILL germs, not just reduce the amount of germs. Neither necessarily cleans dirty surfaces just reduces the risk of infection by reducing the amount of germs (sanitizing) or killing the germs (disinfecting).

    In additional to traditional cleaning and in response to COVID-19 precautions, we are offering disinfecting services using our hospital grade misting system and electro-static fogger. The system is specifically designed to reduce risks of infections by killing virus, bacteria and mold faster, safer and quieter. Our misting system provides a much more thorough cleaning than wipes by misting all areas and touch points. The mist evaporates quickly without leaving a residue. Most importantly we specifically use EPA N list chemicals as recommended by the CDC known to kill the SARS-COV2 virus, the cause of COVID-19.

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